The daily commute is over

Great companies know that collaboration doesn't mean being at arm's length 24/7. Knowledge workers get their best results when they can organize their own time. While meeting face-to-face can be productive, some work is better done without interruptions and these companies understand that.

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These companies get it

People working for these organizations can focus without interruptions at least 40% of the time. If you're looking for an environment that understands the nature of knowledge work, this list is a great place to start.

Work with flow

After a dreadful morning commute, Emma arrives in the office too late. She's behind schedule and the day has only just begun. Today she really wants to finish that design, but her colleagues keep asking questions and the afternoon is packed with meetings. Today is not a good day.

Developers, designers, writers, ... These people work their magic to create awesome products and they thrive when they can buckle down for a few hours of uninterrupted productivity. The office isn't always the best place for that, however. Noise, commutes and so many interruptions kill the flow. We have people that spend hours in a car, to sit in a cramped office, while blocking out their colleagues with noise-cancelling headphones. Crazy, right?

While we understand the need for face-to-face collaboration, we appreciate the need for uninterrupted flow. Companies on this list understand the nature of knowledge work and organize themselves to support you in being productive.

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